Seven Mills

The Yarkon River Trail from Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv (Ganei Yehoshua) is full of pretty spots, one of the best is the Seven Mills (or Seven Flour Mills).

The name “Seven Mills” is named after the seven flour mills that were operated at the western part of a big flour milling complex that had existed since the Ottoman Empire.

The mills operated for many centuries until it was closed in the 1920s.

Extensive restoration efforts where conducted at Seven Mills from 1990 to 2008. Its management was commissioned to the Avshalom Center for Israel Studies. And as expected, Seven Mills has also undergone several archaeological excavations, including the one led by Yehoshua Drey, which managed to unearth various relics that had existed during the days of the Ottoman Empire. Future archaeological diggings have been planned to uncover new parts of the structure.

The Yarkon Park is a Israel’s answer to the New York’s Central Park — a green oasis of a bustling city. Take a breather from the Tel Aviv’s urban life by walking the landscaped paths. Enjoy the views of the mills up close and personal. Then, cross the picturesque wooden bridge over a flowing stream and proceed to the old dam that once supplied the mills with water.

While the mills do not function anymore as they were intended to be, they are now pleasant tourist attractions which provide visitors a chance to discover a little but nevertheless interesting fragment of history.

Enjoy some of the photos.

river at the park
Seven Mills – Eastern half
two plaques in Hebrew at a park
Seven Mills – Western half
stone plaque
Seven Mills stone plaque

You can watch a video of a short walking tour of the Seven Mills below: