Street Musicians – Mamilla Mall Jerusalem

Mamilla Mall is one of the popular shopping and hang out places in Jerusalem not least because of its amazing location next to the Old City. It is the only open-air mall in Jerusalem. The mall encourages the arts with many art and musical exhibitions and happenings.

Israel Inside Out recorded this band of teenage klezmer musicians jamming in Mamilla.


Mamilla Mall – general information

Mamilla Mall (also known as Alrov Mamilla Avenue) is one of the most upscale and luxurious shopping centers not just in Jerusalem but the rest of the country as well due to its stunningly elegant design and number of high-end shops and restaurants.

Mamilla Mall was opened in 2008 and features a design that blends with the area’s surroundings, in respect to its historical and archaeological importance. While Mamilla Mall can match the shopping centers of Paris and Milan in terms of “upscale” factor, it still maintains a uniquely Jerusalem atmosphere and character that shoppers must simply experience.

avenue lit by street lamps
Mamilla Mall along Mamilla Avenue

It contains 300,000 square feet (or 28,000 square miles) of retail space. While Mamilla Mall has gained a reputation as an upscale mall, its 140-plus stores otherwise appeal to shoppers of all economic strata. Mamilla Mall’s retail stores and other businesses range from the high-end (such as international chains like Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie & Finch) to Israeli designer boutiques (Ronen Chen, Castro and Dorin Frankfurt), to mid-range stores and restaurants. There’s also a pharmacy that’s designed in a supermarket style.

The retail stores and other businesses are quite diverse that makes Mamilla Mall attractive to both locals and tourists.

As said before, the mall encourages the arts with many art and musical exhibitions and happenings. Occasionally, Mamilla Mall holds exhibitions and events. The owner of the mall, the Alrov Group, features changing exhibits of sculptures along the promenade. All the pieces are done by local artists, and most of them are for sale. The mall also holds free concerts, folk dancing and street performances (like the group of musicians you see in the video) and other events and activities. Mamilla Mall’s vast floor space also makes it popular for flash mobs, including those staged by non-profit organizations in a bid to raise awareness for their cause and activities.

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a walkway between two buildings
Recent construction (left) and historical (right) facades of Mamilla Mall
sculptures in Jerusalem
Sculptures displayed along the promenade