Israeli Breakfast – What’s So Distinctive about It?

israeli breakfast table

There’s such a thing as “breakfast of the champions.” Here’s one thing about Israeli breakfast, for sure – it is devoid of any meat products. But that doesn’t make it less of a “power” breakfast.  If you’ve ever been to Israel, you can bet that an Israeli breakfast is one of the … Read more

The Origins of Matzo


If you happen to encounter Passover (Pesach) week in your visit to Israel, you may have seen those big, cracker-like bread on the Passover seder table or shelves in local stores, fully stocked with boxes of such bread. You may have also tried it at one point out of curiosity. Some well-known … Read more

Exploring Druze Cuisine

Druze food

One of the best things about Druze life and culture is their cuisine.  The Druze is a unique Arabic-speaking ethnic and religious group that split from Islam approximately 1,000 years ago. Israel has the third-largest Druze population in the world after Syria and Lebanon. To date, there are about 143,000 Druze living … Read more

Sweets from the Land of Milk and Honey


Israel isn’t called the Land of Milk and Honey for nothing. Apart from the biblical reference, Israel has loads of good-quality chocolate and candy products to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. And no, it’s not just Hanukkah gelt chocolate coins. While Israeli candies – chocolates in particular – have yet to … Read more

Top Wine Regions in Israel

Israel’s Wine

If you think of wines in the Holy Land, the sacramental wines are the first things that probably come to mind. Well, not anymore.  Israel, known as the “Land of Milk and Honey,” could also be your next wine destination. Winemaking in Israel has a long and rich history since viticulture was … Read more

Israeli Beers – What You Need to Know

Israeli Beers

How does an Israeli Jew make beer? Well, “Hebrews” it.  Kidding aside, chances are you may not have seen, tasted, or even just heard of Israeli beers before, and it’s pretty understandable. It’s only in recent years that Israeli beers have significantly grown in popularity, although the country’s beer culture harks back … Read more

Israeli Street Food Guide

Israeli Street Food

Food is reflective of a country’s traditional culture and the people’s way of life. All countries have their own version of street foods, each offering a unique gustatory experience for anyone who tries and enjoys them. Like cuisines in other countries, Israeli cuisine is an amalgam of cuisines from different countries and … Read more

Coffee Culture in Israel

Coffee Culture in Israel

Second only to water, coffee is the most widely drunk beverage in the world. Whether you’re having a delicate cup of coffee at a trendy café, a convenience store brew or a cup of instant coffee at home, it seems almost everyone cannot go through a day without a cup of Joe. … Read more

All about Honey in the Land of Milk and Honey

All about Honey in the Land of Milk and Honey

The phrase “a land flowing with milk and honey” is a Biblical reference to the Promised Land – a land of agricultural abundance. It first appears in Exodus 3:8, which is associated with Moses’ vision of the burning bush.  Since the phrase was first used, the land of Israel has been changed … Read more

Tel Aviv – Israel’s Food Capital

Tel Aviv – Israel's Food Capital

Gone are the days when Israelis lived by hummus and falafel alone. Over the past few decades, Israel has grown into one of the world’s cuisine frontrunners. If you’d like to embark on your Middle Eastern and Mediterranean gastronomic adventure, it’s logical to go to Israel as your starting point. After all, … Read more