Netanya Beach

Netanya is a city situated between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The name “Netanya” means “God gave” and we would like to think that God gave this city lots of beautiful beaches. Netanya has been blessed with a stretch of 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) of beautiful seashore. Those stunning beaches are some of the finest in Netanya, with each having its own unique character and flavor. Despite the growing commercialism in Netanya, the beaches there remain surprisingly clean.

Netanya is the self-proclaimed “Israeli Riviera” because of the old-school European beach resort feels — the seafront is much more peaceful and the atmosphere is a lot more easy-going than its southern counterparts. Once popular among the elderly tourists (especially British, French and Russian), nowadays Netanya has started to attract younger, hipper crowds.

Little wonder that Netanya is very popular with locals, expatriates and tourists. Netanya has some superb beaches at the foot of some impressive cliffs and a great spacious promenade at the top of the cliffs. It also has children’s parks, flower beds, amazing sculptures, water features, live music shows coming from the city square and a few lively night clubs that have given Netanya a new lease of life.

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Here are some photos of the northern reach of Netanya Beach.

panoramic view of a beach and blue sea
Panoramic view of a beach in Netanya
a group of mushroom sculptures at a grassy lawn beside a walkway
Seaside promenade
amphitheater at the seaside
Amphitheater by the seaside
building in front of a sea
A seaside mall in Netanya
kids at the playground
A playground at the beach
sea waves
Waves at a Netanya beach
people at the outdoor gym
There’s even an outdoor gym somewhere in Netanya’s promenade
a sculpture of seagull and a building on the background
Seagull sculpture at Netanya’s promenade
colorful sculpture
A sculpture at Netanya promenade, by Ruslan Sergeev


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