Tel Aviv Marathon

The Tel Aviv Marathon took place on Friday 8th April. The top billed event was the full Tel Aviv Marathon (around 1000 runners) and there was also a Half Marathon Race and a 10Km run with around 9000 runners. Israel Inside Out is happy to welcome this guest poster who ran the 10Km race.

Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in about 45 minutes, looking for parking in Tel Aviv about 30 minutes such is life in Tel Aviv.

I arrived in plenty of time to do my pre-race stretching rituals and the weather was excellent. Cool and a few symbolic drops of rain at 7.20. A sharp contrast with last year when by 7 am the sun was beating down harshly.

7.25am and the 10Km event is underway.

Israel Inside Out insiders devotees will be familiar with the terrain. Most of the race was on HaYarkon, Allenby and Rothschild – some of the historic areas of Tel Aviv. Generally flat but a few inclines that after 7 km begin to feel like mountains instead of molehills. Fortunately I was feeling energetic and was able to run in a good time, despite that slow patch at around 7 km.

We started and ended very near the sea front Tayelet which was the perfect backdrop to a very enjoyable morning.

Seven people have already signed up for next year’s event – will you be the eighth?