Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port (locally known as Namal Tel Aviv in Hebrew) is one of the jewels in the crown of Tel Aviv – the renovated port area is relatively close to the hotel region (on foot or in a taxi) – and is a pretty place to shop, eat and unwind.

Like many other open public spaces, Tel Aviv Port has lots of people of all ages strolling, biking, having late lunches or just enjoying doing nothing but chilling as they enjoy the refreshing Mediterranean sea breeze.

Tel Aviv Port has a little bit of everything was recently revamped to the tune of 100 million NIS (about US $30 million), becoming one of the biggest attractions in Tel Aviv for the locals and tourists alike.

Tel Aviv’s wave-shaped wooden deck is teeming with stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and other places of fun and leisure.  Most of the shops in the area are fashion boutiques carrying famous Israeli and international brands. The shops are open until 10 in the evening (or even later during the summer).

But you don’t even have to have a lot of money to shop, dine or hit the bars. Just walking around the soak up the easygoing atmosphere and the sea breeze is well worth the time.

Thanks to the diligent restoration efforts on the Tel Aviv Port by a group of architects, it was awarded the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize in 2010. It is considered by many as the most prestigious European award for landscape architecture.


Tel Aviv Port is located in central north Tel Aviv.

The southern border is near Metzizim Beach and is about one kilometer northwards of the mouth of the Yarkon river emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. At its northernmost tip is the Wauchope footbridge.

Tel Aviv Port photos

blue and violet sky
Tel Aviv Port at night

Tel Aviv Port Light with archaeological site of Tel Kudadi
tel aviv port
Tel Aviv Port at daytime
people at the seaport
Visitors flocking at the Tel Aviv Port deck
I love Tel Aviv sign
Installation of “I Love Tel Aviv” at Tel Aviv Port
Boats and yachts on Tel Aviv Port
sunset and silhouette
Tel Aviv Port during sunset hour