Cycling in Yarkon Park

The Yarkon River meets the sea at the Tel Aviv port. The Yarkon isn’t the Thames, Danube or the Hudson, but it is set in a stunning green lung running through Tel Aviv – the Yarkon Park.

Tel Aviv has all the right things that are perfect for a scenic and comfortable bike ride — flat grounds, coastal breezes, and several well-paved bicycle paths. Not to mention postcard-pretty spots — from the boardwalk by the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea to the busy (but beautiful) Yarkon Park. Endless, trees, shady places, rowing clubs, climbing walls, petting zoos, and people and more people providing the dynamic landscape.

Renting a bike at Yarkon Park

Renting and riding a bike at the Yarkon Park will be no problem, as the park is designed for such activity — flat bike trails that run along the Yarkon River and under the generous tree shade. Throughout Yarkon Park, you will see plenty of bike rental stands which are part of Tel-O-Fun, which is one of Israel’s first bike rental services.

As of this writing, each bike costs an initial fee of 17ILS on weekdays and 23ILS on weekends and holidays, plus additional amount on the succeeding riding hours. The first thirty minutes of bike rental are free. You will be charged 6ILS if you use the bike up to an hour, 12ILS if you ride up to 90 minutes, and 32ILS if you ride up to 2.5 hours, etc.

If you want, you may continue riding throughout the Tel Aviv where you can then return the bike at one of the several other bike stations in the city, without having to go back to Yarkon Park.

(But if you don’t want to do the pedaling and instead want something a bit easier, you can opt for the golf cart rental).

If you are on a guided bike tour, the usual route to Yarkon Park is from the northernmost point of the Tel Aviv Port. Bikers can also cross any of the bridges above the Yarkon River, where you can also the view the power plant.

It is possible to cycle 10 kilometers inland on paved roads (which is the northern path) and about four kilometers (southern path – cross to the north on any of the numerous bridges – the most convenient is the wooden foot bridge just after the petting zoo).

This is where Tel Avivians come to exercise, to stroll, picnic and hang out. See how the people change depending where you are and at what time of day. Most of the path is good enough to get up to real speed, although you need to keep your eyes open for animals, children and everybody else enjoying the park at their own speed.

Bring along a picnic, or go boating in the Ganei Yehoshua Lake and relax in the Seven Mills enclosure.