Cycling from Jaffa to Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv — the city that never sleeps — might as well become the new “biking capital” of Israel, thanks in large part to its flat terrains, coastal breeze, and paved bike routes. It’s certainly a biker’s paradise!

Biking in Tel Aviv is easy and fun, and also a great way to explore the streets and places. Its wide boulevards often have cycle routes in their center, and there lots of places where you can rent bikes. Do you want to go around the downtown? Or do you love see the beaches? Either way, you can find plenty of routes to choose from.


Many bikers opt to take guided bike tours, which are great especially for first-time tourists because they come with a guide who shows them the highlights of the city. But if you would like to venture out on your own, you may consider a few other routes apart from Jaffa to Tel Aviv Port:

  • Tel Aviv Port
  • Yarkon Park
  • Yarkon River Trail
  • Tel Aviv Port to Herzeliya Marina

Where to get a bike in Tel Aviv?

Tel-O-Fun is one of Tel Aviv’s first bike-sharing companies that offer about 2,000 bicycles through the city. These bikes can be rented from 200 stations. You can tell that easily from their green bikes (pictured above) that dot anywhere in the city. Locals, as well as tourists, can get these bikes for one-off use. They also offer annual memberships.

Another popular option to get a bike in Tel Aviv is Pole Position TLV, which curates urban biking experiences. It offers both standard and electric bicycle rentals all throughout the city. Pole Position, which proudly calls itself a part of the “green revolution,” also offers helmet rentals and is glad to offer trips to riders.

Cycling from Jaffa to Tel Aviv Port

This is the definitive Tel Aviv. Over five kilometers of beaches and promenades, sea views and good opportunities for people watching.

It is easy to cycle along the boardwalk, you can’t go too fast, watch out for the palm trees, joggers, baby strollers and all the rest of humanity. But soak in the atmosphere. There are plenty of places to stop along the way, for drinks, picnics or a meal.

At either end of the route, you can reward yourself with refreshments and a browse in the very different port areas, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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From Jaffa, you can keep on going south of the port and head towards the Bat Yam promenade; well worth a ride.