For a period of about 400 years that ended in the First World War, the whole of the Middle East was occupied under the rule of the Ottoman Empire based out of Istanbul. Israel’s landscape still holds many reminders of those times. One of the nicest places is the Jaffa train station (that was the end point of the Jerusalem-Jaffa route). The coastal railway connected Turkey with Egypt and passed through Jaffa. The train journey to Jerusalem took around 4 hours (and is still a recommended item on the tourist’s itinerary – although it no longer departs from this station.) In 1913 around 183000 people travelled on the line to Jerusalem.

The compound called “Hatachana“, (“The Station” in Hebrew) operated from 1892 and was abandoned when the rule of Great Britain terminated at the dawn of the state of Israel in May 1948.

HaTachana is situated exactly on the border between Jaffa and Tel Aviv the compound was abandoned and the train routes were replaced with modern stations in other parts of Tel Aviv. In the last years the old warehouses and train station buildings (22 buildings in total) were renovated and the area became a very attractive entertainment and tourist center near the shore of Tel Aviv.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops are open for visitors who wish to relax either before or after a visit to Old Jaffa, the Jaffa flea-market or the Neve Tzedek neighborhood (the first Jewish settlement outside of Jaffa) – all within walking distance. Next door is the Israel Defence Force Museum.

HaTachana is an excellent place to stroll, browse, relax and recharge whilst absorbing history. There are plenty of bespoke shops and a choice of restaurants and cafes. There is also a food market.

The souvenir emporium, Made in TLV, is one of the most unique and interesting places to check out within HaTachana. You can find items that you won’t typically find in other souvenir shops. They include razor-thin aluminum wall clocks, fashionable belts imprinted with images of Tel Aviv at night, as well as stylish T-shirts and other curious souvenir items to purchase and take home.

It’s recommended to visit HaTachana every Thursday evening for the “Unique” event, where local designers and artists converge for an open-air trade show, complete with live DJ music. This is immediately followed by the Orbanic (urban organic) market, which begins only hours later into the Friday morning. This weekend market lasts until Saturday.

Part of the area will be devoted to a museum and as an area for international exhibitions, and for shows and music.

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Getting To HaTachana

Located a short walk south of the Dolphinarium (easy walking distance from the Dan Panorama & David Intercontinental Hotels & a slightly longer walking distance from most of the other beachfront hotels)

Located between Mered, Jerusalem and Eilat streets – exactly at the northern entrance to Jaffa