Palmachim Beach

Palmachim Beach is one of Israel’s secret treasures, it was recently threatened with development but thankfully that threat seems to have passed.

Palmachim is not a large beach, and doesn’t have many facilities beyond a life-guard (in season), a few sun shelters and public toilets. However, it makes up for this by being one of the prettiest beaches in the country. It is bounded by some low cliffs to the south and boasts some great views of Tel Aviv to the north. Like most Israeli Mediterranean beaches it can be a great location for photography especially into the setting sun.

Palachim Beach National Park

While Palmachim is known to most visitors and beach lovers as a place for relaxation and recreation, it is also a nature reserve site. In fact, its full name is Palachim Beach National Park, preserving and conserving the natural seashore, kurkar (a Middle Eastern term that refers to a type of rock which is usually found in lithified san dunes) ridges and sand dunes. It is, in fact, one of the last stretches of seashore in Israel that’s been left. The western kurkar ridge has enabled unique types of plants and animals to develop.

Palmachim is also the site of the ruins of an ancient port city, Yavneh-Yam, which date back from the Middle Canaanite period, surrounded by vast rampart or fort built during the Middle Bronze Age. It is also the site of the First Temple, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Crusader-era ruins.

Palmachim is a perfect place to spend the day on the beach relaxing, sun bathing, swimming or paddling and there is plenty of room for beach sports. (Please listen to the life guard or exercise extreme care when they aren’t on duty – there are far too many careless tragedies).  Stock up before hand on all your drink and food. It is very close to the Palmachim airbase and so the children can enjoy the frequent helicopter fly-bys.

Probably, because it is a bit out of the way and relatively under-developed Palmachim is often far less packed than some of the more central beaches in Tel Aviv and Herzeliya.

For more views – see Palmachim Photos.

Getting To Palmachim

The beach is at the end of Road 4311. Exit the 431 at Ein Kore junction and head south/west on the 4311 for seven kilometers or so, past Ikea and under Highway 4. Be aware that he road is fairly narrow and windy through the countryside. The end of the road is the beach car park.