Tel Aviv Shopping Malls

Tel Aviv is a shopper’s paradise with a large number of shopping malls. Here are the details on a few of them.

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Ramat Aviv Mall

Ramat Aviv Mall is one of the most expensive shopping malls in Israel and is currently the 35th most expensive mall in the world, at a rent of 6,607 NIS (or US$1,804). Opened in 1997, its official name is Kenyon Ofer. With two floors and 17,800 square meters of space, it houses several renowned high-end global and Israeli fashion brands including Armani, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Nespresso, Hugo Boss, Tag Heuer, Longchamp, and many others. It also houses several major chain stores such as Hamashbir Lazarchan and Superpharm

Food companies include McDonalds, Burger King, Sparro, Boston Deli, Arcafe and Ilan’s House of Coffee

There are two other entrances in Brazil Street and in Brodetsky Street and there is parking

Einstein Street 40, Ramat Aviv

Azrieli Center

Azrieli Complex, Tel Aviv

Azireli Center is a complex of skyscrapers, and the mall itself lies at the base of it. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Israel, with three sales floors. There are about 30 restaurants, cafes, fast-food restaurants and food stands. The top area of the floor in particular is a popular hangout place for teens.

It is located next to HaShalom Interchange and Ayalon Highway with ample parking

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Dizengoff Center Mall

Dizengoff Center Mall is Israel’s first shopping mall. The first store was opened in 1977 and the rest of the mall was finished in 1983. It is also one of the biggest malls in the country consisting of two towers on either of Dizengoff Street, which are connected by underground tunnels and skywalks. It consists of five sales floors and houses more than 400 stores and businesses, including restaurants and a farmer’s market, two movie theaters, and a fitness gym. It even has a swimming pool on the roof. There is also parking.

Between Dizengoff Street and King George Street and Tchernichovsky Street

See Dizengof Mall Website (Hebrew)

City Garden Shopping Center (Gan Ha‘ir)

The City Garden Shopping Center is a small, pleasant-looking mall located in the very heart of Tel Aviv, close to Rabin Square. It consists of two floors with approximately 81 stores and 100 businesses, including six food establishments and a culture and entertainment center. There is parking.

Ibn Gvirol Street

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Ayalon Mall

Located in Ramat Gan, Ayalon Mall was the first mall in Israel to have a large shopping complex outside the city center with a parking lot surrounding it. Since the mall is close to Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak, many visitors come from these areas. The mall contains international stores such as Zara and Aldo, in addition to Israeli chains such as Castro, Fox and Honigman.

It is also the place where the first McDonald’s location in the country was opened (in 1993). The mall originally had one floor, but in 2006 a second floor was added with movie theaters. It now has around 125 stores and businesses.

Other shopping areas have developed around the mall, covering sports goods, home design etc. There is parking.

Abba Hillel Silver Street, Ramat Gan

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TLV Mall

TLV Mall is one of the newest malls in Tel Aviv. It markets itself as an exclusive shopping mall — upscale and featuring high-end Israeli and international designer brands. It has shops that you don’t find anywhere else in Tel Aviv — or even anywhere else in the country. It has lots of cafes, plus free parking, a country club (with three swimming pools), and a slightly out-of-place McDonald’s. It hosts cool events such as concerts, parties, and food markets.

Carlebach Street 6

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