The “New” Tayelet & Tel Baruch

Recently, a new bridge and Tayelet have been opened that links the northern bank of the Yarkon (by the Tel Aviv Port) with the coast going north towards Tel Baruch beach.

This is a long stretch of promenade (over 2.5Km) to the luxury neighborhood of Tel Baruch with much more natural beach than the main areas by the hotels.

It is a unique experience with the stunning access to the water on one side and the runway of Sede Dov airport immediately on your other side – timeless beauty and a modern airport in the same eyeful. The smells are of course a unique blend of salt, sand and kerosene.

Please don’t be put off by the airport it adds something to the experience but the beach is incredible. Very popular with joggers and cyclists. See North of TA Port to Herzeliya Marina

Children of course love the beach and they have the added attraction of the planes. There are some impressive views of the sea and back towards Tel Aviv. The path is in good condition and flat so this is wheel chair accessible.

At the northern end of this path is Tel Baruch Beach – a very pretty beach worth a visit in its own right.

Getting there

Tel Baruch directly – There is ample parking or get a taxi – access is from Ramat Aviv.

From the Port – You cross the first bridge on the Yarkon just by the port and then follow the path past the very small ruined lighthouse and then on to the bigger bridge.

Some photos