The Tayelet

There’s nothing like the sea that brings smile to your face, and the Tayelet  (boardwalk or promenade in Hebrew) provides the perfect setting for the occasion. The beautifully planned promenade and the clean beaches by the Mediterranean Sea will inspire you even more to go out and enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

After the extensive renovation in 2011, the Tayelet now runs for over five kilometers between the Tel Aviv Port and Jaffa Port. More restaurants, cafes and other establishments as well as bike lines and parks have also sprouted in the new promenade. The other good thing about the new Tayelet is that it’s flat and level, making it accessible for wheelchairs and people with disabilities in general.

Often we just cross the Tayelet to get to the beach on the other side; but, it is well worth the stroll; each section has a different characteristic. The Tayelet has been greatly improved recently and some of the work is still in process. The concrete swirls are very distinctive.

Along the whole length of the Tayelet you will be able to enjoy humanity. Any time of day works to visit the Tayelet; but early morning and evenings offer a very different view to the standard summer’s day. During the winter the sea maybe less welcoming but the views are fantastic in their own right.

Tel Aviv Tayelet
Tel Aviv Tayelet
Tel Aviv tayelet
Tel Aviv Tayelet near Tel Aviv Port
Tel Aviv Tayelet
A cyclist with procession of Palestinian women and cat in Tel Aviv Tayelet

The Tayelet is one of the perfect spots for joggers and cyclists – great views, sea breeze, people and long flat paths. Everybody is welcome here, including your furry friends!

The Tayelet also provides easy access to the famous Tel Aviv beaches.

Walking north of the Hilton Hotel you can wall under the mini cliffs or enjoy the view from the park above. There are a few places where you can learn to surf. Chof HaMezizim (Mezizim beach) just south of Tel Aviv port is a special place with a great small bay that is ideal for hanging out and also getting in the water. From there it is just a few minutes walk to the Tel Aviv Port itself.

Going south towards Jaffa there are great walks along the rocks (no beach here) and the raw power of  the sea  seems closer. There is the big Clore Park on the water front – (between the Dolphinarium and Jaffa) and it includes a mega slide complex and swings. The area just before you get to Jaffa is also recommended.There is also a new “walk through” fountain in this area.

If you insist on culture with your pleasure then combine it with a trip to the Etzel Museum (see Tel Aviv Museums)

The Tayelet is flat and well paved making it accessible to wheelchairs. Children will love the Tayelet – if only as a way of getting to their favorite beach, and of course it is very photogenic especially towards sunset over the Mediterranean.

For more views of the Tayelet see our gallery here.

The Tayelet is almost completely flat and well paved and so is accessible.

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