Talkspace Talks Surviving the Hysteria Around The COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taken so much away from our lives. We’ve spent months staying distant from loved ones, and there are only so many FaceTime and Zoom meetings a person can handle. Many people feel their mental health declining as the loneliness and boredom seep in. The good news is that you can still connect with friends and family in safe ways so you don’t let the pandemic hurt your mental health.

Reach Out

Therapists at Talkspace open their ears as people tell them about their personal response to this pandemic. Ask yourself how you’ve navigated the past few months. Are you seriously doing okay? Are you traumatized?

Asking yourself if you’re traumatized may seem dramatic, but this pandemic has pushed many people to their limits. Most people will adapt to the changes, but this rollercoaster comes with overwhelming emotions. It’s important to connect with other people to find the support you need.

It’s crucial that you know when it’s time to reach out for help. Don’t freeze your emotions and become numb to the world. It’s healthy to stay connected and honest with loved ones.

Follow Official Guidelines

There are many conflicting reports out there. You can easily go down a rabbit hole trying to figure out what’s true. The easiest thing to do is to follow official guidelines and stay away from conspiracy theories.

You need to understand and follow the latest instructions about wearing masks and social distancing. If you want to hold an outside gathering with a few people, you can find information on how to safely have a barbecue.

This keeps your social interactions healthy by keeping you updated. You will also know the situations when you have the most risk of contracting the disease. You don’t have to socially isolate yourself, but you do need to be safe when you come into contact with friends.

Respect Other Opinions

The truth is that everyone in your life won’t have the same opinion as you do about this pandemic. Talkspace counselors hear many different options about how the world should approach these changes. There is nothing wrong with different options. The problem is that some people don’t respect other people’s opinions.

Be open to your friends about your boundaries. Ask them questions bout their own opinion, but don’t go against them. There is no room for judgment when sharing beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

This healthy social interaction will help both of you understand the other. Everyone is feeling stressed out. It’s okay to acknowledge your differences and stay away from the subject if either party gets too passionate.

This time is difficult and seems to change almost every day. It can be tough to hold on tight and ride the waves. If you find yourself feeling helpless, talk to a therapist like those at Talkspace that can help you navigate these feelings. Once you get started on a journey to help your mental health, you’ll feel better about this ever-changing situation.