Don’t Miss in the Galilee

The Galilee – two seas, two ranges of mountains, lots of villages, walks and magical spaces. Here are some of the places that will quickly become your favorite.


Zefat (or Safed, Tzfat, Zefat, Tsfat, whatever you want to call it) is a city of artists and Kabbalah set in the mountains. It is the highest city in the Galilee and the entire Israel, situated at an elevation of 900 meters (2,953 feet). It is the site of one of the key battles in the 1948 civil war, but it has a history that is hundreds of years old. Wander through the Zefat old town artists’ colony and visit the synagogues of the Kabbalists in the Old Jewish Quarter. If you can manage a Shabbat in Safed – it is highly recommended – go on a synagogue crawl.

Rosh Pina

One of the first Jewish agricultural settlements established during the 1880’s by Romanian immigrants and supported by Rothschild. Known as the “Princess of the Galilee,” Rosh Pina is now a charming, pleasant and picturesque town, full of boutiques, bread-and-breakfast facilities in quaint-looking restored stone houses, and restaurants. It is an excellent place to relax, enjoy and then explore the surrounding area. It is located on Road 90.


Metula is the northernmost town in Israel, located in the Northern District. It is located at 527 meters (1,729 feet) above sea level, so it is the ideal destination for those who are looking for a quiet, pleasant, and relaxing highland holiday. It is a pretty village overlooking the Galilee and perched right on the Lebanese boarder. Home to the Canada Centre with various sports and recreational activities and the country’s biggest ice rink – a perfect antidote to a sweltering August day. There are some pleasant walks in the area.


Manara is a kibbutz established in 1943. It is close to the Lebanese border and overlooking the Hula Valley. Its main industries are agriculture and tourism. And speaking of tourism, Manara boasts the longest cable car in Israel which takes tourists from Kiryat Shemona up to Kibbutz Menara. Tourists get to enjoy the amazing views of Lebanon, Galilee and Golan. Children’s and adult adventure activities are on the site. See Manara Cliff Info (Hebrew Only). See Manara Cliff Photos for more images.


Arbel has some stunning views over the Kinneret on this sheer cliff face and is a rite of passage for Israeli children. It also towers over the Sea of Galilee and affords tourists a breathtaking view of Golan Heights and Mount Hernon.

Acre (Acco)

Acre (or Acco) is an ancient town and a Crusader town with many of the fortifications still intact despite the best intentions of Napoleon. The fortress was used as a jail during the Mandate and was the scene of a legendary escape. The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Acre is located on the main coast road north of Haifa.

Rosh HaNikra

Rosh HaNikra are sea grottoes formed thousands of years ago. It is located on the border between Israel and Lebanon, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Western Galilee. There is a cable car service for tourists who wish to see these incredible geological formations. A kibbutz, also called Rosh HaNikra, is situated nearby. See Rosh HaNikra

Achziv Beach

Achziv Beach is a beautiful Mediterranean beach located between Nahariah and Rosh HaNikra in the Western Galilee region. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country which boasts a lot of coves, cliffs, and naturally formed lagoons, as well as a rich and diverse marine life. The Achziv National Park includes the remains of a Crusader castle. There is also overnight camping for tourists. See Achziv Park. Going further south, there are also the highly recommended Haifa Beaches.