Muslim Holidays in Israel


As with other Muslim communities around the globe, Israeli Muslims celebrate their own religious holidays. But since Israel is a predominantly Jewish country, Muslim holidays are not national holidays. As these holidays are not officially part of the Israeli calendar, observant Muslims can take personal days off work and Muslim-owned establishments can … Read more

Christian Holidays in Israel

christmas decorations

As with other Christian communities in other countries around the world, Israeli Christians celebrate their own religious holidays. But because Israel is a predominantly Jewish country, Christian holidays are not considered national holidays, despite the fact that it is also the birthplace of Jesus Christ. If you want to best experience and … Read more

Summer Events in Jerusalem

Summer Events in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is organizing an amazingly busy summer; packed with many different events. The Jerusalem scene has something to offer almost everybody. Jerusalem is definitely the place to be – so whether you are visiting Israel or live locally and are just planning a few days away come and spend some time in … Read more

Sound the Shofar Exhibition – Bible Lands Museum

facade of a building with an obelisk like structure

The popular Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem has a new exhibition running – Sound of the Shofar. About the Shofar The Shofar (Ram’s Horn) is one of the most dramatic, inspiring and poignant of Jewish religious items in the annual cycle. It’s origins go back to the Binding of Isaac by Abraham … Read more

Chamshushalayim – 4 Jerusalem Weekends

Tiloun at Jerusalem Jazz Festival

Chamshushalayim Winters in Jerusalem are typically mild with some cold and rainy days (with temperatures nearly never dropping below freezing temperature). Once in a while you may chance-encounter snow storm in the city, and in recent years people have seen about a couple of huge snow storms. Wintertime in Jerusalem is also … Read more

Beyond Memory at the Museum of the Seam

Beyond Memory at the Museum of the Seam

The current exhibition at the The Museum of the Seam, “Beyond Memory“, displays images from the personal and collective memory archives. Beyond Memory leads us on to a path that breaks the boundaries of reality into a silent world and the depths beyond memory. It takes us into the soul’s archive where … Read more

Haifa – Festival of Festivals

Haifa – Festival of Festivals

Haifa — Israel’s jewel on the Carmel — is well known for the successful integration of the different religions in the area – Judaism, Islam, Christianity & Bahai. As part of this tradition, Haifa celebrates the Festival of Festivals marking the different seasonal festivals including Chanuka, Christmas, and Ramadan for the Jewish, Christian, … Read more