What Are The Popular Types of Cheeses in Israel?

Popular Types of Cheeses in Israe

It’s no secret that some of the most famous cheeses in the world come from France, Italy, and Switzerland. Although you won’t immediately think of Israel when it comes to cheeses, you may be surprised that it is a nation of cheese makers – and cheese lovers! It’s no doubt that Israelis … Read more

Israeli Wine Update

Israeli Wine Update

Israel’s mostly-cooperative climate; new, quality grape varieties; and the expertise of young winemakers who’ve studied abroad, add up to up to a wine revolution. Noah may have started off on the wrong foot when he planted his vineyard in Israel, but at least his descendants are getting it right. Around the world, … Read more

Israel Cheese Guide – 2

Israel Cheese Guide - 2

In the first piece about Israeli cheese, it gives an account of some historical background about traditional cheese making in Israel and the region. This article will take you one step further into some actual cheese tasting and provide some background about modern Israeli artisan cheese. The next item will give you … Read more

Israel Cheese Guide – 1

Israel Cheese Guide - 1

Being the cradle of humanity the Middle East is considered to be the place of origin of cheese. However, the warm weather did not allow the development of gourmet cheese; and for years the regional cheeses were either very fresh or very salty like the Arab Labane (sour spread cheese made of … Read more