Azrieli Center Mall: Israel’s Biggest Mall

There’s really nothing like a bit of shopping that drives the day’s stress away and to really feel like you’re in a holiday in Israel. Or if you’re a homesick foreign tourist seeking for some retail therapy, there are many great places to shop in Israel.

From the colorful ancient street markets to the large modern shopping malls, Israel shopping offers something for everyone. And speaking of malls, little Israel will actually impress you with a number of really big shopping malls.

Two of Israel’s biggest cities – the capital Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the country’s second most populous city – are an interesting study of contrasts. Jerusalem is the older, holier, and more prim and proper child while Tel Aviv is its younger, hipper and more worldly sibling. But both cities boast big modern malls: Jerusalem has Malcha Mall while Tel Aviv the Azrieli Center Mall. Let’s focus on the latter for now.

A little history about Israel’s biggest mall

Azrieli Center actually refers to a complex of skycrapers located in Tel Aviv. The center was an original design by Israeli-American architect Eli Atta. After Atta had a falling-out with developer David Azrieli (1922-2014) after whom the center was named, the completion of the design was passed on to Moore Yaski Silvan Architects, an architecture firm based in Tel Aviv.

The site where the complex stands today measures 34,500 square meters (or 371,000 square feet) and used to be a garage for dumpster trucks. Construction of the center began in 1996. It opened in 1998. The project cost US$420 million (or NIS 1.317 billion when adjusted for inflation).

At the base of the Azrieli Center complex lies a shopping mall, simply named Azrieli Center Mall. This mall has everything that any loaded shopper could need and want. But of course, this mall is open to patrons of every economic spectrum, too.

Azrieli Center Mall is currently the largest mall in Israel. And probably the most architecturally appealing as well, being a part of the three huge skyscrapers that dominate Tel Aviv’s skyline.

Presently, Azrieli Center Mall boasts three floors of about 180 shops of both Israeli and global brands, eight cinema screens, and about 30 restaurants, cafes, fast-food counters and food stands. It also has the only H&M branch in Tel Aviv. Go to Israel Malls website for a longer list of establishments at Azrieli Center Mall.

Like many modern malls, Azrieli Center Mall has free WiFi for the patrons, about 3,500 paid parking spaces and about 144 parking spaces for the handicapped.

Being a part of the larger business complex, it’s no big wonder that the shopping area is quite vast. So, if you’re first-time shopper at Azrieli Center Mall, don’t expect your hours there to be short!

After shopping and dining, you may want to go to the complex’s 49th floor where an indoor viewing platform offers spectacular views of Tel Aviv.

The mall is currently ranked number 9 of “Fun and Games” in Tel Aviv on TripAdvisor website.

How to go to Azrieli Center Mall

Aside from being the largest mall in Israel, Azrieli Center Mall is among the most conveniently located and easily accessible, too. It’s just a step away from the heart of the action in Tel Aviv. The complex can be accessed from most parts of the country by two ways:

By train – Tel Aviv HaShalom Railway Station that is connected to the center by a covered pedestrian bridge.

By bus – You can take one of the buses that stop on Begin Road. In addition, the Alrozorov Bus Terminal in Tel Aviv is situated one kilometer of the Azrieli Center.

Address, contact details, and store hours

Azrieli Center Mall

Azrieli Center Complex
132 Derech Menachem Begin
Tel Aviv-Yafo

(972) 3-608-1199

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday – 10:00 to 22:00
Friday – 09:30 to 15:30
Saturday – After end of Shabbat – 23:30

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