Beautiful Parks in Tel Aviv (Other Than Park HaYarkon)

It’s a fact that Park HaYarkon (Yarkon Park) is the king of Israeli urban parks. With its vast green space nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv, Park HaYarkon is often compared to Central Park in New York City, United States. The park is named after the Yarkon River, which flows through it. 

But Tel Aviv – which is the most expensive city in the world according to a 2021 Worldwide Cost of Living report – has lots of other green spaces to offer. If you find Park HaYarkon a bit too mainstream, you can check out other parks and public gardens here in Tel Aviv and nearby Jaffa (Yafo) for a much-needed respite, midday meditation, lunchtime picnic, or pleasant bike ride.

Tel Aviv is also one of the LGBT-friendly cities in Israel, and some parks have become sites of annual “pride” parades, parties, and other LGBT-focused events. There’s also a permanent LGBT community center located at one park in central Tel Aviv.

Dubnow Garden

Dubnow Garden

(Dubnow Street 25)

Located right behind Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, the park is named after Simon Dubnow (1860 – 1941), a Jewish-Belarussian historian, writer, and activist. It’s also a popular park in Tel Aviv – it’s always busy, so it attracts people who need a buzzing atmosphere but not so much for others looking for peace and quiet for their relaxation. 

It’s a well-shaded park, with benches dotting around the area, a playground, and an outdoor gym with free-weight exercise equipment. Dubnow Garden (also spelled Dubnov Garden) is popular among students, couples, young families, and dog owners.

Menachem Begin Park

(Biranit Street 16)

Named after Israel’s sixth Prime Minister, Menachem Begin Park is small and compact compared to the other parks in Tel Aviv. But it will surprise (and delight) you with its diverse terrain and character, which means it uses its space pretty well. It has an open space for picnics and other activities, and still, you can always find a quiet corner there. There’s an artificial lake for paddle boating and water skiing. There are also bike lanes, a football field and basketball courts for anyone wanting to stretch one’s muscles and let out some sweat. Watch out for events and activities there, including a treasure hunt for the kids!

Independence Park (Gan HaAtsmaut)

(HaYarkon Street)

Not to be confused with the municipal park in Jerusalem of the same name, Independence Park (Gan HaAtsmaut, also spelled Gan HaAtzmaut) is a serene little park located along the coast around Hilton Hotel. If you go to a higher elevation, you will be able to see a better view of the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a great place for birthday picnics, barbecues, or sunbathing. It’s also a pet-friendly park.

Se’adya Shoshani Garden

(Ha-Tet Zayin Street 12)

Se’adya Shoshani Garden is a big park located in northern Tel Aviv. It is a pastoral-like gem in the midst of Tel Aviv’s urban cacophony, like a world away from the big city. It has a small playground nearby. The vastness and openness of the park make it perfectly safe for the kids to run around or fly kites or drones, etc., since it’s isolated from the roads so you don’t have to worry about passing vehicles.

Charles Clore Park

(Kaufmann Street 7)

Charles Clore Park hugs the Tel Aviv shoreline, making it a pleasant place to sit on the rocks, watch and listen to the waves, breathe in the fresh sea air, and enjoy sunset views. Named after Charles Clore (1904 – 1979), a British financier, retail and property magnate, and philanthropist, Charles Clore Park is only five minutes away from Carmel Market and the bus station in Carmelit. It’s also the site of the annual Tel Aviv Pride Parade party.

Abrasha Park

(Segev Street 294, Jaffa)

Abrasha Park is a small but well-maintained park sitting on top of the promontory from the port of Jaffa. The green space and numerous walking paths make this park perfect for a casual stroll or light jogging. But the highlight of this park is the famous statue, the “Statue of Faith,” a beautiful work by Daniel Kafri. There’s also a wishing bridge nearby that has bronze statues of the twelve zodiac signs on its railings. Check out more about the wishing bridge and other awesome bridges in Israel.

Kiryat Sefer Park

Kiryat Sefer Park

(Wilson Street 4)

Another beautiful urban green space in Tel Aviv, Kiryat Sefer Park has a pond, numerous walking paths, a playground, and an outdoor gym. This park is also perfect for big gatherings; you can even book a space there for parties.

Meir Park (Gan Meir)

(Tchemikhovski Street 24)

One of the parks established during Israel’s pre-state years, Meir Park was later named after Meir Dizengoff, Tel Aviv’s first mayor. It is also the home of the Tel Aviv Municipal LGBT Community Center. 

This lovely little park is also a pet’s paradise, as it’s always full of people walking and playing with their pet dogs. Amenities include an outdoor gym offering high-quality exercise equipment, a children’s playground, picnic areas, ping-pong tables, and a café big enough to accommodate families and business meetings.

Edith Wolfson Park

Edith Wolfson Park presents a complete contrast to the rest of Tel Aviv – peaceful and serene. It makes a perfect place to sit down, meditate, or take a nap. There are also several walking trails. There’s also a hill where people can climb to the top and then take in the gorgeous views of the city. That hill is fondly called “watermelon hill” by the locals. Families come to the park on weekends and holidays for picnics and barbecues. This grassy park also has a large pond with ducks (feeding them is allowed), an exercise station, and a huge Bauhaus-style sculpture.