Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port (Namal Tel Aviv in Hebrew) is a happening place – the renovated the port area and building are now full of trendy shops, cafés and also clubs after dark.

One day is not enough to soak up the wonderfully easygoing atmosphere and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea breeze. Tel Aviv Port is a little bit of everything — it has something for everyone.

Strolling by the sea

Enjoy the wooden broad walk (careful when wet) and the views. There are eclectic groups of passers by, from the joggers and cyclists to the café crowds, the pensioners meeting their friends, to the fishermen, watch the canoeists and the young families with babies. They are all at the port.

Events and activities

There are also periodic musical events, galleries and other cultural activities – so that there is always a perfect combination of sun, sea, food shopping and lively cultural activities morning noon and night.

The restoration of the run down port and turning it into one of the cultural centers of the city is one of the best things to have happened in recent years in Tel Aviv.

You can combine a visit to Tel Aviv Port with a trip to one of the beaches nearby – Chof Hamezizim or cross the Yarkon estuary and enjoy the new promenade towards Tel Baruch. You can see the few ruins of the ancient and slightly more modern port entrance and lighthouse.

Tel Aviv port is largely flat and so it should provide disabled access, care on the wooden planks is urged especially when they are wet.


Tel Aviv Port is one of the best sites for biking, owing to its flat and spacious trails for cycling along the Mediterranean Sea. The place is often full of visitors, shops and cafes which make cycling at the port even more enjoyable. The Tel-O-Fun bikes can be found everywhere in Tel Aviv and they cost you only a few bucks.



There is a wide range of shops at the port – there is a mixture of some of the big names and international brands combined with some more niche products. There are several clothing, shoe and sports shops at the port. There is a shop dedicated to Galilee products (if time doesn’t allow you to visit yourself) and some designer shops specializing in clothing, kitchen and the home. One of our friends Liat Har-Nof (a graduate of a Milan design school) has a specialist maternity and women’s designer clothing store in Hanger 17/18. Liat uses top quality European fabrics and her collection changes weekly – we recommend a visit.  There is a shop that specialises in wines and one in candles and of course some children’s shops. All in all the shopping at Tel Aviv is fun. browse, shop, recharge at the cafes, enjoy the sea views and then come back in the evening for the night life.