Israel’s Druze Villages


Israel may be known as the world’s only Jewish state. But a closer look at the country will surprise you with its melting pot of diverse cultures and religions. One of the most interesting is Druze, a unique ethnoreligious group descended from Islam that has elements from other religions like Christianity and … Read more

The Top 10 Most Awesome Bridges in Israel

jerusalem train

The combination of stunning engineering feats and unparalleled eye for design results in some of the most picturesque bridges that you can find in Israel.  Some bridges are for pedestrians; others are for transportation; some are for stopping by and admiring nature; while others provide evidence of the country’s ancient past. There’s … Read more

Caesarea Golf Club – Israel’s First and Only Premier Golf Club

white and purple golf shoes, golf club and golf ball on a golf course lawn

With its pleasant Mediterranean climate and diverse natural scenery, Israel would easily make an ideal golfing destination. But you may have known the reality, right?  Israel has never been exactly known as a golfing hub, most likely because the sport is relatively new in the country. At the moment, Israel has the … Read more

Israel National Trail

a group of hikers in an open sandy area

For weather-beaten but indefatigable trekkers, they should put the Israel National Trail on their bucket list. While the Israel National Trail may not obviously be the world’s longest hiking trail, it is guaranteed to be an epic one, for sure! Hiking in the Holy Land is the dream of every trekker. The … Read more

The Best Mountain Climbing Spots in Israel

Mount Meron

Mountain climbing in Israel is on the rise (pardon the pun), especially in the last few years. Even though Israel is a small country, it will stun you with its diverse landscape that will inspire you to go outside and hike. Indeed, Israel is a hiker’s paradise! If you want to go … Read more

What Is All about Eco-Tourism in Israel?

poppy fields in israel

Most people visiting Israel mainly focus on exploring the many biblical, historical and cultural sites. And rightfully so! Israel comprises a major part of the Holy Land where it has been the hub for Jewish, Christian, and Islamic history for centuries. There are also substantial populations of other religions (such as Baha’i … Read more

What Has Happened To Israeli Tourism?  

Israeli Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. Even though a significant amount of attention has been paid to The United States, Asia, and Europe, impacts are being felt all over the world. This includes Israel. According to some sources, Israel was predicted to have a record five million incoming tourists during 2020 alone. … Read more

New Jerusalem Second Temple Tunnel Excavations Completed

New Jerusalem Second Temple Tunnel Excavations Completed

Excavations have been completed by the Israel Antiquities Authority on a Second Temple period drainage tunnel that links the area of the Davidson Centre with the City of David in Jerusalem. In the future there are plans to open the tunnel from the Davidson Centre allowing visitors to go under the Old … Read more

Jerusalem Voted as an International Travel Destination

Jerusalem Voted as an International Travel Destination

The travel site TripAdvisor has awarded its Travelers’ Choice 2011 Travelers’ Choice 2011 awards and placed Jerusalem in 13th place. Overall Cape Town was placed first and Jerusalem was placed higher than many famous cities such as Venice, Florence, Prague and San Francisco. This award for Jerusalem follows the recent Lonely Planet award … Read more

Dead Sea Scrolls Online

Dead Sea Scrolls On Line

Dead Sea Scrolls now available online Even if you aren’t able to fly to Israel for the moment because of the ongoing pandemic (or any other reasons), you can explore the country’s historical treasures from the comfort of your own home. Through a partnership from Google, the Israel Museum launched its project … Read more