What Is All about Eco-Tourism in Israel?

poppy fields in israel

Most people visiting Israel mainly focus on exploring the many biblical, historical and cultural sites. And rightfully so! Israel comprises a major part of the Holy Land where it has been the hub for Jewish, Christian, and Islamic history for centuries. There are also substantial populations of other religions (such as Baha’i … Read more

What Has Happened To Israeli Tourism?  

Israeli Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. Even though a significant amount of attention has been paid to The United States, Asia, and Europe, impacts are being felt all over the world. This includes Israel. According to some sources, Israel was predicted to have a record five million incoming tourists during 2020 alone. … Read more

New Jerusalem Second Temple Tunnel Excavations Completed

New Jerusalem Second Temple Tunnel Excavations Completed

Excavations have been completed by the Israel Antiquities Authority on a Second Temple period drainage tunnel that links the area of the Davidson Centre with the City of David in Jerusalem. In the future there are plans to open the tunnel from the Davidson Centre allowing visitors to go under the Old … Read more