Beautiful Parks in Tel Aviv (Other Than Park HaYarkon)

Cityscape of Tel Aviv viewed from TLV Balloon flying over Hayarkon park, Israel

It’s a fact that Park HaYarkon (Yarkon Park) is the king of Israeli urban parks. With its vast green space nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv, Park HaYarkon is often compared to Central Park in New York City, United States. The park is named after the Yarkon River, which flows through … Read more

Petah Tikva – What to See and Do

Petah Tikva square 2010

Tel Aviv seems to have everything – gorgeous beaches, beautiful parks and green spaces, dizzying skyscrapers, and exciting nightlife. Tel Aviv is also a culinary paradise. In the nearby south of Tel Aviv is the ancient walled city of Jaffa, which offers visitors a step back in time, a chance to relive … Read more

Coolest Neighborhoods in Tel Aviv

beach tel aviv

If there’s the best place in Israel to be hip, it has to be Tel Aviv. With excellent beaches, vibrant nightlife, and its famous 24/7 culture, there are many cool things to discover in this coastal city. Because of its other reputation as a “party capital,” Tel Aviv is the exact mirror … Read more

Ra’anana – Best Places to See and Things to Do 

ra’anana aerial view

You’ve already gone to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa; now it’s time to explore the lesser-known gems of some of Israel’s smaller cities and towns. Let’s start with a city located north of Tel Aviv, called Ra’anana. Perhaps these days you’ve just heard of Ra’anana, as it is the original residence of … Read more

Florentin – Tel Aviv’s “Hipster” Neighborhood

outdoor café and graffiti

Israel isn’t usually the place that first immediately comes to mind when you’re talking about anything connected to hipsters and the hipster culture. But there is at least one “hipster neighborhood” in the country, and you will find it in the southern part of Tel Aviv, named Florentin. Florentin is dubbed as … Read more

Tel Aviv – Israel’s Food Capital

tel aviv restaurants

Gone are the days when Israelis lived by hummus and falafel alone. Over the past few decades, Israel has grown into one of the world’s cuisine frontrunners. If you’d like to embark on your Middle Eastern and Mediterranean gastronomic adventure, it’s logical to go to Israel as your starting point. After all, … Read more

Ayalon Mall – The First Mall in Israel

shopping malls in israel

The 1980’s saw an unparalleled period of growth in the shopping center industry in the world. Although large, free-standing retailer stores existed before, the ’80s were truly the “shopping mall” era. And the growth of these shopping malls has never stopped ever since. Wherever you are in the world, there’s at least … Read more

Azrieli Center Mall: Israel’s Biggest Mall

There’s really nothing like a bit of shopping that drives the day’s stress away and to really feel like you’re in a holiday in Israel. Or if you’re a homesick foreign tourist seeking for some retail therapy, there are many great places to shop in Israel. From the colorful ancient street markets … Read more

Palmachim Beach

Palmachim Beach

Palmachim Beach is one of Israel’s secret treasures, it was recently threatened with development but thankfully that threat seems to have passed. Palmachim is not a large beach, and doesn’t have many facilities beyond a life-guard (in season), a few sun shelters and public toilets. However, it makes up for this by … Read more

Susan Dellal Centre

Susan Dellal Centre

‘We are dancing our life here’ Israel’s contemporary dance scene is gaining worldwide attention, due in large part to Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theater Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre has proven that the contemporary Israeli dance scene is about much more than folk dancing. … Read more