Tel Aviv Shopping from Malls to Markets

Shopping in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv offers the most diversified variety of shopping opportunities, from the trendy, luxurious malls with the top international brands to the flea and food open markets that will provide you with oriental tastes and smells. Read on for our guide to Tel Aviv Shopping from Malls to Markets and shop until you drop!

Tel Aviv malls

Starting in the northern well to do neighborhood of Ramat Aviv, adjacent to the Tel Aviv University campus you will find the finest Ramat Aviv Mall. This is the largest and most luxurious mall in the country, mostly dedicated to fashion.

The three sky-scrapers in central Tel Aviv with the circular, square and round towers hold the Azriely Center which is a “regular” mall with a mix of brands and types of shops (and an observation deck.)

West of the towers in the very center of the town you can find the first mall in Israel, Dizengoff Center, a large complex (with confusing architecture) holding  a lot of shops mainly small boutiques of various kinds. As you can see in the video below – surprising things can happen on a day’s shopping in Tel Aviv.

Another popular mall is the Ayalon Canyon – located in Ramat Gan – a large well provided mall in the center of a larger shopping zone with many furniture, sports, do it yourself stores in the vicinity.

Tel Aviv shopping & recreation

Two popular places to combine shopping with strolling, history, food and entertainment are the Tel Aviv Port (at the northern end of the Tel Aviv Tayelet) and The Tachana (near Jaffa and the southern end of the Tel Aviv Tayelet.)

Tel Aviv open-air and outdoor markets

We suggest walking from the Dizengoff Center up King George Street, until you reach the Magen David Square. This is the very center of the city, and just before the junction (there is no real square there) you can visit the Bezalel market dedicated for very low priced clothing. In this little corner you can practice your talents in stuffing a pita bread with everything in “all you can eat” Falafel stands. This is a must experience!

Across the street you have two choices, the first is going down the most famous open market in the city – the Carmel Market, starting with clothing and then plenty of colorful fruit and vegetable stands. There are some nice small restaurants in the market area opened lately by young chefs who decided to enjoy the fresh supplies just nearby. Warning: Do not enter the butchers’ streets beside the main road, you will NOT enjoy the dirt and smell. A plan to renovate this area is currently on the drawing boards of the city planners.

Another choice (recommended in Fridays) is to take a walk down the adjacent street of Nachalat Binyamin. A wide variety of artwork and jewelry stands will await you there. Look up from time to time to see the old buildings of the city, some are real jewels and some are even beautifully renovated and preserved. Whilst in the area check out Shenkin Street one of the trendiest streets in Tel Aviv.

A third option is to take a walk on the Bugrashov Street,  adjacent to King George. There are multiple boutiques for the young along this street.

Another recommended market (which is not really a market), is the Levinsky Market, a cluster of several streets in the south and very poor part of the city just on the old border between Tel Aviv and Jaffa. You will find many small worker restaurants, specialty food stores and more.

Jaffa shopping

The Tel Aviv Flea Market is located in the center of Jaffa. The small covered market was renovated lately and it is especially recommended to spend Thursday evenings in that area. You will find one of the most colorful scenes in the world, all in a small compound surrounded by ancient and beautiful Arab architecture.

Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the region. It is a great place to browse, eat and most importantly to enjoy the artwork in its galleries and studios.

Enjoy your Tel Aviv Shopping!!

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